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Avocado Tree

I’ve heard through the grapevine that you have to have a fully ‘organic’ avocado in order for this to work but I did a bit of internet research (because the internet doesn’t lie) and found a lot of supporting articles/videos that say it’s a myth. Apparently, there are a few different ways to grow them but the easiest one is suspending the pits over water. I’ll provide a video below with great instructions on how to get this started along with some information that I thought was pretty useful!

What to do to get started

  1. Get a fresh Avocado from the store or local farm
  2. Cut it open without damaging the pit
  3. Scoop out the insides – and make guacamole while you wait
  4. clean off the pit with water

    This next step was pretty interesting to me because I’d never heard about it. Before this next step pay attention as to which spot was the upper tip (basically the part that use to be attached to the branch).
  5. peel the pit, that’s right peel it – it will actually peel very easily, it’s best to just use your fingernails so you don’t puncture the shell.
  6. Find out which part was the ‘upper tip’ and put it upside down
  7. Then take 3 toothpicks and push into the seed spread evenly apart- be sure to not stick these into the ‘grooves’ of the pit as those will open up when it starts to grow.
  8. Get a glass of water and suspend the pit at the top of the glass with the ‘upper tip’ in the water. Roughly 1/4 of an inch into the water.
    And for the Final step
  9. wait.

Here is a great step by step video from an avid Avocado grower.

I lost the avocados in the polaroid above during my big move to the mountains at the end of 2019 but have since started growing avocado pits. I have them in my Grow with me series where I post photo updates along the journey!

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