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Amaryllis ‘White Nymph’

Amaryllis White Nymph is a very easy and satisfying bulb to grow. When it’s in its growing season it features giant lush white flowers that can range from 8-10 inches across and can grow 16 to 18 inches (or more) tall. Each stalk produces 3-4 flowers that bloom at different times, allowing for a long…

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Orange Star

The Orange star, also known as the Sun Star or Star of Bethlehem is a beautiful perennial bulb from South Africa. Orange Stars are extremely easy to grow even for beginners, so if you see one in stores don’t hesitate to put it in your shopping cart. While they are a bulb plant, they do…

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Creeping Fig

Fluffy, wild, and hardy—three great ways to describe the Creeping Fig. Their leaves may be much smaller compared to the more common vining house plant the Golden Pothos, but they make up for it with extreme foliage and fluffiness. It is one of the smallest plants that belong to the ficus family. Most of its…

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Let’s get nerdy for a second and talk plants, more specifically Bromeliads. They are part of the Bromeliaceae family. Bromeliads can adapt to various climates and have an array of different shapes and colors. Its foliage can be broad(wide) to needle-thin, symmetrical to irregular, flat, soft, AND spiky. While Bromeliads have roots, they actually gather…

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Lace Aloe

The Lace Aloe is great for beginners, whether you have outdoor space on a patio or garden, or even if you only have space on a windowsill. The Lace Aloe can be described as having triangular succulent leaves that grow in a rosette pattern. The leaves can be bright green to dark green with white…

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