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Fiddle-leaf Fig Propagation

Fiddle-leaf Propagation

It’s easier than you think! Fiddle-leaf Figs seem to have a bad reputation for being hard to keep alive to begin with, but that’s honestly not true, they just need a good amount of indirect sunlight. However, this post is actually about propagating them, which is crazy easy! I’ll admit I’ve only done it once,…

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Avocado Tree

I’ve heard through the grapevine that you have to have a fully ‘organic’ avocado in order for this to work but I did a bit of internet research (because the internet doesn’t lie) and found a lot of supporting articles/videos that say it’s a myth. Apparently, there are a few different ways to grow them…

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Bromeliads Propagation

Here are some easy step-by-step photos on how to actually separate and propagate new Bromeliad pups. I did, however, include background knowledge on them, so if you want to start with that post and come back you can click here. So let’s dive into getting your hands dirty and separating these pups. To bring you…

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