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Flowers UpCycle

Do you ever find cute pots or vases in a second-hand store with flowers in them, and you want to buy it but the flowers are beaten, broken, or missing so you don’t? Well, go ahead and buy it anyway and fix it up with new flowers. It’s really not that hard, and I can show you how.

Flower UpCycle 1

I found this cute wood crate with two ceramic pots in a ReStore in Southport NC. Compared to other floral pieces I’ve seen this one wasn’t too damaged. However, the amount of dust and lost petals still had me wanting to take them out. I wanted something fresh that would go better with my room decor.

I had told myself once before that, “I will never buy fake plants” because I am a big lover of real plants but sadly I cannot provide adequate sunlight in all parts of my room so I have moved over to the realm of faux flowers.

I will never buy fake plants.

During the last trip I made to the Dollar store I noticed that they stepped up their game with their seasonal flowers and picked some out, I went with the cherry blossoms. I bought mostly pink flowers and got a few white ones to break the colors up. I think it looks more natural when you have an assortment verses the same color. NATURE IS DIFFERENT and you should add veriety when putting together floral pieces.

Flower UpCycle 4

Most arrangements need a foam base that is inserted into the container that holds the flowers in place. I got lucky with these pots as the foam was in great shape. It was definitely glued to the pots so I couldn’t even begin to try and remove it. There was moss that was also glued to the top which hid the foam. So all I had to do was pull out the flowers by the stem.

Flower UpCycle 2

If you grab them by the stem they tend to completely pull out but of course whatever you need to do to get them out works. I didn’t want to damage these too badly because at the time I was contemplating using the green leaves again.

Flower UpCycle 3

The next step is getting the new pieces ready. Most of the time if you have a deep enough container you don’t have to cut the new stems. My pots were too shallow so I did take some pliers and cut the stems off.

Flower UpCycle 5

When you start placing the stems into the foam you want to make sure that you have them pushed in at different heights.

Flower UpCycle 7

So I have the main flowers in, next I added the white ones to break it up.

Flower UpCycle 8

I added flowers to the bottom too so that it wouldn’t look so bare.

Flower UpCycle 9

When I was at the store I had grabbed some fern leaves to add to the bottom originally but when I put them near each other I realized they would be too big for these little pots. So I got creative and reused the leaves from the ones that were in there before. I cleaned them off a little and stuck them down into the foam in various places.

Flower UpCycle 11

They didn’t have very long stems so I had to push them all the way in but I really didn’t want them to take away from the flowers above. I just wanted them to cover some of the moss and I think it did the job just fine.

Flower UpCycle 10

Voila! Here is the final outcome!

Flower UpCycle Finished

If you try out this simple little DIY/redo tag me on instagram @FleetingAutumn !