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walnut seed

Growing Tips

Do you need some help growing from seeds, propagating, or are you just looking for some easy tips? I'll admit, some plants are easy to grow and keep alive and some are hard. I've definitely had some trial-and-errors myself. I'll share what's worked for me!


Grow with me!

Seeds are in the works, posts soon to come!

Let's get tipsy!

Spider Mite

Spider Mites, Yikes!

Houseplants are a great way to add greenery and life to your home. However, just like any other plant, they…

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hardiness zone

Know Your Hardiness Zone

Have you ever caught yourself looking at plant tags in the store and making note of the light and water…

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Fiddle-leaf Fig Propagation

It’s easier than you think! Fiddle-leaf Figs seem to have a bad reputation for being hard to keep alive to…

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Growing Green Peppers

Can you take store-bought green peppers and use their seeds to grow new ones? Yep, you sure can! With Spring…

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Easy Humidity

4 Easy Humidity Tips This post is for all you tropical plant lovers! One thing that seems to be forgotten…

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